The right Ceramic Foam Filters for Steel and Iron castings.

For foundries doing steel, super-alloy or iron casting – either for large components or small to mid-size pieces – Drache has the right ceramic foam filters to achieve optimum results.

Drache’s focus in the area of steel and iron casting is on ceramic foam filters. The focus is on the Cerazirk LD and Cerazirk ZrO2 filters, which are used in all kinds of steel castings, superalloy castings, and large cast iron.

Drache, however, also manufactures Cerasic® NG ceramic foam filters, which are used in iron casting for smaller and medium- sized piece weights. Moreover, the company also offers the implementation of solidification and mould filling simulation as a service.

More information about Drache's products for steel and iron foundries can be found on the corporate website.

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