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Drache USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Drache Umwelttechnik, Germany. Drache Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded in 1984 by Frank Drache and Gerlinde Weyl Drache. Since the foundation, the company has been continuously providing innovation in casthouse filtration technology and expanding its operation.

Drache is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ceramic foam filters for molten metal filtration with various strategically located offices to support Drache’ s products to over 50 countries globally.

With one major manufacturing plant located 45 minutes from Frankfurt, all Drache products are made specifically in Germany which offers superior quality and precision as well as full product traceability and consistency. At Drache, we are proud to offer our customers the best-in-class German engineering. Drache USA uses a series of warehouses to make sure we are in practical proximity to our valued customers.

Our loyalty pledge to our customers is that once committed, we keep an inventory in our warehouse to make sure we are ready to support you when you need our product. Hence as a customer you are rest assured that we will always strive to support you and your operation to ensure that we do our part as a supplier right!

Drache USA’s main products include:

  • Alumina base, Zirconia base and SiC base Ceramic Foam Filters in various standard dimensions and pores to support Aluminum, Cast Iron, Steel and Specialty metal casting.
  • Boron Nitride Coatings
  • Transition Plates for Aluminum Billet Casting
  • Precast Refractory Parts for Aluminum casthouse (filterbowls, troughs, launders, etc.)
  • Customized fully automatic Filterbowl and Burner Systems (electrical or gas burners)

Drache USA services the North American Aluminum and Foundry industries by supplying Drache’s product range.

About Us

Drache USA was founded in 2003 to service the North American Aluminum casthouse and foundry industries with products from Drache Umwelttechnik, Germany.

Drache USA’s focus is to provide technical as well as commercial support to all users of Drache products in North America.

In addition to the corporate office of Drache USA located in Gibsonville, North Carolina, a network of local warehouses throughout North America is maintained in strategic locations with one goal in mind: to be closer to our customers, to provide better and faster service. In Drache we understand that shipping products internationally take time specially when we have to use standard ocean freights to reduce cost, which is why Drache USA has product stored in its chain of warehouses to help reduce the international shipping wait time and respond to its customer demands within a few days (48-72 hours standard order time).

Drache Produkte

Products Aluminium DC Casting

Drache is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for Aluminium DC and continuous casting. With our award winning (by our customers) services and our German engineering expertise, we are well equipped to evaluate and customize our product to meet your technical specifications including ceramic foam filters, precast refractory sections, preheating filter bowl or heated launder systems.

Drache offers a comprehensive product range for Aluminium DC and continuous casting. This includes the Ceralu® Al2O3 ceramic foam filter in various standard sizes and pores per inches (PPI), Drache Boron Nitride Coating (DBN25i), DKS Calcium Silicate components as well as a wide selection of services.

More detailed information on Drache's products for Aluminum DC casting and continues casting can be found on the corporate website.

Corporate Drache Website

If you are interested in fully integrated solutions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Drache offers a wide range of engineered solutions for aluminum casting. Those include: filterbowls and launder systems for Aluminium DC and continuous casting, as well as transport crucible for Aluminium foundries.

Engineering is performed entirely in-house. From the initial conception and creation of 3D drawings to the manufacture of parts and their assembly. On-site commissioning/installation assistance is also available. Drache offers on demand design and engineering of filterbowls and launder systems. So, if you need a fully automated system with data reporting systems all controlled remote or onsite, or if you need pneumatic dams, etc. we have you covered, we will design and manufacture the system that meets and exceeds your specification.

To learn more about Drache's fully engineered solutions for Aluminum casthouses, please visit the corporate website.

Corporate Drache Website

Do you have an expansion project? Are you thinking about upgrading your old systems?

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Drache Produkte

Drache Produkte

Products for Foundry

In the field of foundies, Drache provides a wide range of products to supply the industry, such as ceramic foam filters for steel, superalloy, aluminium, iron and magnesium castings, special components for low-pressure die casting, as well as a crucible furnace developed in-house that is used all around the globe.

For foundries producing steel, super-alloy or iron casting – either for large components or small to mid-size pieces – Drache has the right ceramic foam filters to achieve optimum results. The focus is on the Cerazirk ZrO2 filters, which are used in all kinds of steel castings, superalloy castings, and large iron castings. Drache, however, also manufactures Cerasic® NG ceramic foam filters, which are used in iron casting for smaller and medium- sized piece weights.

The filter of choice for Aluminium foundries is the Cerapor® LDNG ceramic foam filter, which can be used for sand casting and permanent mold casting.

In addition, there are specific components made of the engineering ceramics Silicon Nitride (SN) and Aluminum Titanate (ATi), each of these products have its specific advantages, particularly in low-pressure die casting (LPDC).

Crucible Furnaces: If there are incentives offered by your state on energy saving projects check this out. Drache manufactures its own crucible furnace for Aluminium foundries, which offers extreme high energy efficiency. Amongst the best in the world, the furnace would pay back its cost in no time just in energy saving incentives. If interested, let us know and we will send you further information to review.

In addition, detailed information on Drache's products for Aluminum foundries can be found on the corporate website.

Corporate Drache Website



As a global company, Drache strives to establish proximity to our valued customers through our branches as well as a network of our partners across the world.

It is our goal to assist you quickly with our products, customized solutions in engineering and services. If you are located within North America, contact our office in North Carolina, we will make sure that you are taken care off.

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Terms and Conditions

Drache USA terms and conditions can be downloaded as a PDF file:

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Drache's headquarters is located in Diez, Germany. All ceramic foam filters, precast refractory shapes as well as engineering parts are manufactured here as well.

Drache Umwelttechnik GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 24-26
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